Social media and recruitment

Tim and Gemma

The rise and rise of social media.

Tim Scott and Gemma Dale run The Work Consultancy. They are HR professionals who specialise in the use of social media.

In recent years social media has become part of our everyday lives. The same goes for technology.  We used to have phones; now we have converged devices that do everything from connect us to our friends via our social networks, help us navigate the traffic, stream music, do our weekly food shop and everything else in between. Occasionally, maybe we use them to make a phone call too. 

Some facts and figures for you.

  • 500 million tweets sent every day – that’s 600 a second.
  • 80 million photographs uploaded to Instagram daily.
  • 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube ever minute.
  • Two thirds of UK adults have a smartphone. 
  • 83 per cent of people in the UK go online, with some device, every day. 

Social media has impacted on how we work and live. It has certainly impacted on how we do all the people stuff, from internal communications to recruitment to learning. 

Technology, particularly social technology, is making our lives more transparent, more immediate. What we want in our personal lives then filters into what we want at work.  If our decisions about what we buy from Amazon or eBay or the like are influenced by the ratings of other consumers, so too are our decisions about who to work for through sites like Glassdoor.

Social media presents a powerful opportunity for talent acquisition and recruiters. Only there is much more to it than simply sharing jobs. 

It allows organisations to tell their story. To bring the culture to life. To paint a picture of what it is like to work at that place. To make the people who work there real too. Social media can support the candidate experience from that first interaction between them and the organisation through until the day that they start work. 

Social media recruitment is both active and passive. Short and long term. It is about posting jobs and going to where the candidates are for immediate workforce needs. But social media recruitment is about more than that too. At its best, it is about building communities and relationships. Engaging with talent for the future, or keeping in touch with alumni. It is about managing the employer brand so that candidates will engage when the time, or the role, is right. 

It is an opportunity that cannot be missed. There is much to think about. Here are just some:

  • What social media platforms should you be using?  Where are your target candidates spending their social media time?
  • What is the story you want to tell about your organisation?
  • Who are the people you want to engage with?
  • How social is your organisation – are they ready?  If the answer is no – what do you need to do about it?  Social recruitment cannot be the role of the recruiter alone. 
  • And finally… what skills do you need to help you be an effective social recruiter? Are you ready?

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